Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Valentine's Edition

We are in Guatemala for the winter! Our next cacao ceremony in California is April next year.

 Sunday APril 26, 2020



2200 Marinship Way, Sausalito, CA

Advance Donation $30 or $35 at the door

Come share in the plant medicine community as we connect the spirit of the sacred cacao. We will discuss the properties of cacao while consuming a strong, spiced and sweetened drink of pure raw cacao from Guatemala. Isabel and Ari will be guiding the group through a journey using meditation, sound, and breath to open our hearts. Special guest musicians will assist us for the sound healing.

Theobroma Cacao (translated=Food of the Gods) contains many beneficial health properties and has been used as a food for millennia and ceremonially by Mesoamerican cultures. It was once comparable to gold, used in trade and ceremonially to document life-milestones.

When you consume cacao prepared for ceremony using high quality raw cacao beans, the mood enhancing neurochemicals in cacao become particularly active. There is increased blood flow and oxygen to the brain, heart and skin, the whole body is nourished, awareness and focus is heightened and sensations are intensified. This promotes deep relaxation and often space for emotional release. People often report a deep sense of joy and peace, a connection to the oneness as well as insights of limiting behaviors, thoughts and feelings that are able to be understood and released within the safe space of ceremony. 

Cacao contains the neurotransmitters serotonin, tryptophan and dopamine which assist with feelings of well-being, combat stress and anxiety and contribute to motivation. It also contains the neuromodulator phenylethylamine (PEA) which helps the body create feelings of excitement and euphoria. Cacao is one if the highest sources of anti-oxidants (specifically Flavonoids) and magnesium, and extremely beneficial to heart health and reducing blood pressure.

Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a cushion and/or yoga mat for sitting on the floor and a blanket. A blindfold can also be beneficial. 

If you are experiencing serious health challenges or are on high levels of anti-depressants, please contact us to discuss if this type of journey is safe for you. 

Friends and loved ones are most welcome. RSVP at the above link to be sure you get a spot, and so we know how much cacao to prepare.

*Proceeds from this event go towards building our retreat property in San Marcos, Lago Atítlan, Guatemala. We also donate $3 of every block of cacao we sell to Escuela Caracoal, our international Waldorf school neighbor on the lake. Our cacao is from Rukuxulew, a Mayan family-run business operating in San Marcos. Each bean is hand peeled with love.

Love and One Light!

Isabel and Ari

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