10 DAY Plant Medicine immersion Retreats

Upper Amazon Rainforest, Tena, Ecuador

Sept 28-Oct 8 2019

June 26-July 6 2020

Journey into the lush Napo region of the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest and immerse yourself for in the solitude of the jungle, medicinal plants and sacred ceremonial plant Ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis Caapi). Stay at the Pasourcu site of the Napusamai Lodge with Don Juan Andi Vargas and Don Luis Andi Yachac and their Kichwa families and experience deep healing and cleansing along with a small group of like minded souls. 

These transformational retreats include:

  • Delicious, healthy, local organic prepared meals

  • Simple, single room accommodations with private bathroom/shower

  • Guided tour to learn about different medicinal plants

  • Jungle walks

  • Participation in preparation of the ayahuasca medicine

  • 5 ayahuasca ceremonies

  • 2 herbal saunas

  • Temezcal sweat lodge ceremony

  • 21+ Plant “remedio” for cleansing the blood and overall healing

  • Emetics (vomitivo)

  • Kichwa cultural demonstration of traditional music and dance

  • Canoe trip on the Napo river and visit to AmaZoonico, a jungle wildlife refuge

  • Waterfall hike

  • Final night at Papallacta Hot Springs Resort

  • Spanish-English translator

  • Transportation from Quito to Tena and from Tena to Papallacta hot springs

Pasourcu, the pristine site where we will be staying for most of the time, is about a 45 minute hike into the forest from the road. Accommodations are basic double shared rooms with single beds and bathrooms. There is running water but no electricity. Purified drinking water will be provided and our meals will be prepared for us, including delicious fruits and vegetables growing on the land.

This retreat is facilitated by Isabel and Don Juan. Ceremonies are led by Don Luis Andi and Don Juan Andi. Don Luis Andi, 66, an elder indigenous yachak (in kichwa language "the one who knows"). Since birth, he had been prepared by his father, also a renowned powerful yachak, to become a shaman. For 40+ years, Don Luis been practicing the use of medicinal plants of the forest, specifically to purify the blood in the treatment of diseases, and to cleanse spiritual energy with special ceremonies using essences extracted from the plants of the Amazon. He is often assisted by his wife, Doña Ines.

Don Juan Andi Vargas, 46, is the son of Don Luis. He has been working with the plant medicines since birth, under the guidance of his father. He has also studied under other shamans and is very passionate about healing and helping others. He organizes and runs the activities during the retreats, seeing that everyone gets individual attention and healing. He is a powerful shaman and makes use of the ancestral knowledge and the application of medicinal plants together with the wise teachers yachac healers Don Luis Andi and Don Santiago Grefa. He has also worked in Ecotourism for the past 25 years. He is assisted by his wife Irene Cerda Grefa.

*If you are currently on any anti-depressants or anxiety medication, you must stop taking them at least 6 weeks prior to the retreat (please consult with your doctor), otherwise you cannot drink ayahuasca. You will be given an application form to fill out when you book your spot. Please provide truthful information about your health/ allergies/ medical conditions on this form. Please inform us of any medications you are taking, or if you have a history of mental illness. All information provided by you will be kept confidential, and will be solely used for the purpose of this retreat. Isabel, who is facilitating the retreat, is available for phone consultations to answer any questions.

  • Maximum number of participants: 12

  • Space is first come, first served and cannot be held without a deposit. Deposits are non-refundable.

  • Cost: $1250.00 USD* if registered by August 15 or by March 15. $1350 after.

  • A $600 deposit via Western Union is required to reserve your spot and the remainder will be due in cash upon arrival.

*Price does not include optional special treatments from Don Luis. If you have a specific medical condition that you would like to work on privately, Don Luis will offer a one-on-one consultation and special treatment plan, with plants and/or a 'sucking' of the bad energies at the end of a ceremony night. These optional treatments will be an extra $100-150, depending on the condition and required treatment. 

* Price does not include roundtrip airfare to Quito or accommodation before or after the retreat. It is recommended to arrive in Quito at least one day before the retreat starts. If you would like to spend time in the city we recommend doing this before the retreat as opposed to after. We will leave for Tena at 9am the first day of the retreat.  We can reserve a room for you at a bed and breakfast in Quito the day before if you would like. The last night of the retreat will be spent at Papallacta Hot Springs, shared bungalow room is included in the retreat cost. Dinner at the springs and transport to the airport home are not included. You can take a taxi directly to the airport from there or other transportation if you are traveling in Ecuador after.


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